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These footnotes to the amaryllis series provides some additional anecdotal information to round out the experiment …

Amaryllis leaves fall over

Why bother with alcohol? Because amaryllis grown indoors, especially in water, often grow tall and fall over. Here the leaves of the water fed bulb fall down and had to be tied back up. At various times in the time lapse movie seen in an earlier post you’ll notice that the water fed bulb was rearranged to stand upright.

Amaryllis caught measuring the blooms

With my iSight capturing frames every half hour, what were the chances I’d be caught doing something in frame? Here measuring the blooms.

Amaryllis lighting technician

So who’s this and where are the bulbs? One Sunday a technician came in to photograph the lighting in our new building. He ignored all the “do not touch” signs and moved the pots. While he put the bulbs back in their right places he managed to bump my camera slightly, changing the point of view slightly.

Hoping to prevent a repeat intrusion to my experiment I taped up this wanted poster …

Amaryllis wanted poster

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