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Monthly Archives: June 2008

The recent passing of computing pioneer David Caminer reminds me of Leo Fantl, one of Caminer’s original team of programmers, also deceased. Leo Fantl, b. August 8, 1924, Teptliz Schoenau, Czechoslovakia – November 11, 2000, Johannesburg, Africa.

Leo hired me to be a salesman at LEO Computer Bureau in Johannesburg, South Africa, in the late seventies. I wanted to be a trainee computer operator/programmer but they thought I was presentable and insightful about solving business problems so they put my enthusiasm to work in sales. I did surprisingly well, making salesman of the month several times over in my novice year, but I had no passion for selling. I wanted to control the machine. Read More »

Firefox, for as long as I’ve known it, right up to version 3.0, appears to have a problem printing multiple pages where frames and tables are involved — either to the printer or to PDF on my Mac. By default it often prints only one page: Page one of many.

The problem may have to do with how it handles — or mishandles — frames. I’ve discovered that if in the print dialog box you select “Frames: The selected frame” option (the default being “Frames: As laid out on the screen”) then it’ll print all pages, to printer and to PDF.

That should be the end of this story, right? No. Read More »

milk tartMelk Tert is the Afrikaans name of a South African custard pie, a dessert typically served at a braai (barbecue) or at tea time — this is not that!

Milk Tart is a road-side concoction bikers brew up from ingredients obtained from almost any convenience and liquor store in sub-saharan Africa.

Every year since his passing I shake up a fresh batch of my brother Alf’s recipe for Milk Tart, take a hit and sleep soundly on fond memories of our time together.

This is an alcohol based drink reminiscent of Bailey’s Irish Cream, only younger, stronger and tastes like more. Sublime on the rocks — which are the hardest things to find on the road: Ice, not rocks!

Recipe, Ingredients & Method:
One medium can of sweetened condensed milk (approx 300g).
Half a bottle of vodka (375ml).
Optional extras are a teaspoon of vanilla essence and/or a shot of espresso.
Pour can of condensed milk into half a bottle of vodka.
Shake up well and serve over ice (e.g. frozen cubes of strong coffee)

Suggested reading Wikipedia’s entry on Bailey’s Irish Cream | Melk Tert recipe