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Firefox, for as long as I’ve known it, right up to version 3.0, appears to have a problem printing multiple pages where frames and tables are involved — either to the printer or to PDF on my Mac. By default it often prints only one page: Page one of many.

The problem may have to do with how it handles — or mishandles — frames. I’ve discovered that if in the print dialog box you select “Frames: The selected frame” option (the default being “Frames: As laid out on the screen”) then it’ll print all pages, to printer and to PDF.

That should be the end of this story, right? No.

Try saving this option as a print preset. Not happening.

Or try simply print using “Last used settings”. Hallelujah! But this works only once. Not a second time. You’ll now find the “frames” options greyed out, even if you’re printing the same page with the same frames it just let you print a moment ago.

What are those nice people at Firefox thinking (or smoking)?

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  1. I found this to be very helpful in printing out more than one page, using Firefox on my Mac. Why is there suddenly this problem for Firefox printing?

    I found I had better control if I highlighted all the text and images I wanted to print; selected “Print Selection Only” in Options, as well as “The selected frame” in Frames. I also had both boxes selected in Appearance.

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