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September 3rd, 2008: It’s taken me an hour on the phone to AT&T’s support line to discover that AT&T is having a country wide outage on their 3G and Edge data networks! Your phone and SMS are likely still working, but Mail, Safari, Weather, Stocks, App Store etc. won’t.

Other blogs and AT&T forums confirm that the problem is prevalent in the North East.

If this problems has inconvenienced you too, you deserve a service refund. That plus the more it hurts AT&T to fix their network, hopefully the sooner they’ll get around to investing in it. Dial 611 on your iPhone, ask to speak with a customer representative and ask for a service credit in the amount of $25. You may get an argument along the lines of “your plan is $90 a month, therefore that’s worth about $3 a day. What would you say is fair?”. Explain that “in the absence of information posted at AT&T’s website, or the courtesy of receiving a service outage SMS from AT&T, something they could easily have done in a data outage, that you have spent frustrating hours troubleshooting your iPhone. What’s that worth? I’ll take the maximum $25 only because you can’t offer me more, or can you?”.

Suggested reading: Chicago Tribune’s AT&T wireless data network goes out in eastern half of U.S.; iPhones affected | Wired’s IPhone Users Report Network Outages; Second 3G Lawsuit Emerges | TechCrunch | And for a complete lack of any service adviseries, go to | Justin McLachlan writes Apple and AT&T misrepresented the iPhone, says lawsuit |

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