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This is a geek project, to recover a few major parts from a scrap PC to make a clamp on cooler to chill a highly caffeinated beverage. The aim is to take a canned drink at room temperature and cool it in less than 5 minutes to a crisp, refreshing 8 degrees Celsius.

Pictured above is the heat sink and fan assembly from a Compaq Evo. It promises to add an interesting steam-punk edge to the project, if carried through creatively. We still need to recover a Peltier cooling chip and sandwich it and some thermal paste between the heat sink and a can sized copper clamp and then power everything off a reclaimed PSU.

The Peltier chip is typically inserted between a the microprocessor chip and it’s heat sink. Pentium’s need them to cool off and from my perspective, what better use of a Wintel box than to scrap it to chill a keg of beer? Ok, ok, the project to make a bigger cooler for a 5 litre mini keg of Heineken is just an idea, so let’s not get ahead of ourselves. My next project is probably the corollary of the Peltier effect: The Seebeck effect. Which is about applying heat to the chip and harvesting the electricity it produces.

Scrap parts to recover: A heat sink, large, preferably with mounted fan, a Peltier chip, a PSU. Other tools and parts required: Tools, nuts, bolts, washers, solder, thermal paste, lock nut glue etc.

This initial project proposal will be expanded in the execution phase with more on the design, assembly and, finally, the thirst quenching testing.

Suggested reading: Wikipedia’s entry on the Thermoelectric Effect, Peltier effect, Seebeck effect | Instructables for converting PC PSUs into 12v power supplies for this project here and here |

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