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Monthly Archives: December 2008

Did you know that Adobe’s Flash Player installs its own cookies, called “Flash cookies”, in your browser? Did you know that you can’t control and/or delete these Flash cookies through your browser preferences? Did you know that Flash Player can access your computer’s camera and microphone?


Caption: Flash cookies you might not have known about Read More »



At 1-3pm EST today the Israeli Consulate will tweet a press conference (follow along here if you’re on Twitter and are interested). Recently avatars on Second Life began protesting in support of the Palestinians. With much happening in a virtual world, why can’t we just virtualise the conflict too? Or are there real world consequences to that too: Read this Tac2 Computer Club short story, by Edward Hague, pages 9, 10 and 11 in particular, from some twenty odd years ago.

Suggested reading “Gaza Attacks: Two Related Reactions, in Second Life and Twitter” on | “Dozens Gather in Second Life to Protest Gaza Attacks” on eurekadejavu | “On Fourth Day of the Gaza Battle, No End in Sight” New York Times

I enjoy the holiday immensely but more than a little shy of Santa Claus and the immaculate conception. Having long grown out of of life’s imaginary friends, I’m able to focus on my real ones in whose company I’m enjoying these holidays!


I do email. I keep a blog. but now I’m about to Twitter too. Does anybody really care about the minutia of each other’s lives? If you Twitter too, let me know and I’ll follow along with you.

To answer the question “What is Twitter?” you’ll find the embedded YouTube video a concise introduction.

To “follow” me, look me up, I’m also slapphappe at Twitter.

blogs-of-the-day-20071224 Something surprising popped up in a Google search for some information in my own blog recently: A link to my blog being one of the up and coming WordPress blogs of the day — the day before Christmas, last year.

What on earth were all those people, all three hundred and twenty four of them, looking for here at slappHappe on that one day?

Since YouTube has updated their weside to accommodate the wider HD format I’m finding that my usual tools for copying video down — to transfer to my iPhone for later viewing — is broken. I found the following javascript code snippet at several site (so I’m not sure whom to properly credit with it). Create a bookmark and instead of entering a URL, enter this code instead …


You might also try installing this code by drag-dropping this link onto your bookmark bar to create a bookmark! Read More »


Caption: Gutted for Christmas. By removing the mechanism Huntington’s residents get a parking fee holiday over Christmas.

From a merchants point of view this might make sense: Encourage people to come shop in our local village. But I worry that people might just hog their parking spot and that traffic will not turn over and thereby increase sales.

My mind isn’t really on the merchants, it’s on the value of doing this. The cost of removing and then reinstalling the parking meter mechanisms from every meter must be significant. Perhaps there’s an advantage in having them all serviced at one time — if indeed that’s what they do with them when they’re removed.

A better idea might be to (a) make paying for parking optional during the holiday period and (b) pay all meter proceeds during this period to a local charity and (c) suspend any parking meter fines for the duration.

Happy holidays!

rsa-passportRenewing a South African passport: Who could have imagined this would take a minimum of six months? Thankfully it’s only $50, but requires a full set of notarised fingerprints — something not so easily done for non-citizens in the USA. My wife gets her British passport renewed within a couple of weeks by post (or within 24 hours, in person) but they charge her nearly $250. I guess you get what you pay for, or do you?

No civilian chooses to carry a passport, or none that I know of. There shouldn’t be a hefty consumption charge on something you cannot do without and then not have those documents created within a reasonable amount of time and at a modest cost: A few weeks by posts seem reasonable. Overnight if you call in person would be nice. A minimum of six months seems punitive or inefficient or simply out of touch with the reality of life.

For those South Africans heading home for the 2010 World Cup, be warned, renew you RSA passport early!

UPDATE: March 22nd, 2009. My renewed passport arrived last week, about three and a half months after I applied for it. Just in time to be useless, without a visa, to visit Britain because RSA hasn’t kept up with securing their passports and reducing abuses.