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Since YouTube has updated their weside to accommodate the wider HD format I’m finding that my usual tools for copying video down — to transfer to my iPhone for later viewing — is broken. I found the following javascript code snippet at several site (so I’m not sure whom to properly credit with it). Create a bookmark and instead of entering a URL, enter this code instead …


You might also try installing this code by drag-dropping this link onto your bookmark bar to create a bookmark!

Navigate to a YouTube video page and then click on the bookmark to download an .mp4 of the current video to your computer’s download location. Then look to your download window to monitor the .mp4 file being downloaded. You’ll need to rename the “video.mp4” default filename immediately after the download is finished, before you forget what it was!

Troubleshooting: If this doesn’t work it might be because you linked to YouTube from a referring site that has added some code to their link — claiming the referral. Copy-paste the URL link given inside the destination page on YouTube into a new browser window. Now try the script/bookmark given on this page.

If you’re working at somebody else’s computer just navigate to the YouTube video and edit “pwn” into the url directly in front of “youtube” and hit enter (e.g. become you’ll be diverted to a shadow website that’ll do all the work for you.

How to download Google video when it doesn’t offer the usual “Download video – iPod/PSP” button?

Warning: The solution I’m about to propose is not work safe or suitable for minors!

Copy-paste the Google video into a form field at — the field next to the “download button”. The site will search for the video and come back with download options such as “Download for Flash Player (.FLV) here”. Use your favourite tool (e.g. iSquint on a Mac) to convert the .flv flash to .mp4 or other preferred video format.

So why the warning? The site post image previews of the videos it downloads for others — frequently it’s pornographic.


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