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Monthly Archives: February 2009

groove_armadaFree as in beer. Click here to download “Go” by Groove Armada. So what’s the catch? Well, you could get 3 more tracks: Pull Up (Crank It Up) Feat, Drop The Tough, and El Padrino if you share your download link with friends and they signup to download their free track(s) — all in an effort to promote a new Bacardi website Read More »

The quicker we put failing banks into receivership — temporary nationalisation if you will — the quicker they can be restructured to put the working pieces back into play, at the least cost to the taxpayer. Regretfully, but quite correctly, the bank’s shareholders will, and should, lose their shirts. Because unless they suffer the pain of their bad investments banks will not regulate themselves from behaving badly again — and without a hefty amount of self regulation banks will not be able to attract much capital in the future. Out of that suffering will come some good. Any other way rewards the greedy banks, their unquestioning investors and their complacent employees at the expense of the long suffering taxpayer, it puts the country deeper into debt and insures an undisciplined industry from the moral hazard of their own mistakes. Unacceptable. Read More »

20090221_sms-_with_alfAlf’s motor bike ride up to Tanzania from South Africa ended rather abruptly the first day into the trip at 110Km/h, in Zimbabwe, up against the hind quarters of a black cow, in the dark of night.

Nobody but nobody drives at night on African roads out in the back of beyond. What were they thinking?

Wild animals and livestock roam the roads in places where there are no fences. The animal survived to run off, leaving only a broken headlight and dung on my brother’s bike. Alf is flying back to Johannesburg from Victoria Falls today and having his injuries checked out in at hospital, the bike is being trucked back by friends he met along the way. Alf checked in with his son Mark on the South Coast who called his older brother AJ in the UK who called us in the USA. I sent him an SMS not expecting his iPhone cell service to be working in Zimbabwe and then heard back from him much later when he was flying home …

UPDATE: A couple of broken ribs and lots of bruising!

Read Alf’s account of what happened here: Ray and Alfie’s Tanzanian Trip on Triumph Tiger 1050 Motorcycles

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On this Friday, Feb 13 at exactly 6:31:30pm EST (or 11:31:30pm UTC), Unix time will equal ‘1234567890’. Geeks local to New York city, according to, will be celebrating at Jelly in Brooklyn, invite yourself here if you’re interested! It’s also Friday the 13th. Almost enough to validate your friggatriskaidekaphobia*, huh?