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groove_armadaFree as in beer. Click here to download “Go” by Groove Armada. So what’s the catch? Well, you could get 3 more tracks: Pull Up (Crank It Up) Feat, Drop The Tough, and El Padrino if you share your download link with friends and they signup to download their free track(s) — all in an effort to promote a new Bacardi website

Groove Armada has a been a great new find for me, although Go probably could have been left on the cutting floor for my tastes. At The River and Hands of Time are much better tracks, available at iTunes. But ever willing to test out new web business models I’ve signed up to Barcardi B-Live, happy to see artists earning a living outside of the RIAA straight jacket. I downloaded my track and am now watching and waiting to see who’ll earn me sufficient credits to download the next three songs. If they’re all junk tracks I’ll head back to warn you, not to waste your time: For now let’s just say that Go is somewhat of a miss. A rather poor introduction to a new music download service.

Their website claims “BACARDI B-Live Share is a brand new platform that lets you share music online with your friends … and the more you share, the more music you get. It’s super simple: Once you’ve signed up and generated a profile, you will get the first track to start sharing with your online network and unlock 3 additional tracks if you hit the sharing targets. You will be able to track your sharing progress through the global and local league table and via and interactive sharing map. It’s completely legal to share the tracks because the rights owners (the artists, B-Live Records and the publisher) are all remunerated, which in English means that no one is losing out just because you and your mates got hold of the tracks for nothing.”

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