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20090408_florida_powerballNo, no, not the jackpot*, just the Power Ball. One little number, the actual Power Ball number, number nine, at the end of the line. An important number, but on its own, worth only $3.

They said the tickets were either one dollar or two, without explanation. I suggested we pay only one but Carolyn, dispensing with her Scottish frugality, paid two. We were on holiday after all.

powerball-powerplayflorida-powerball-chequeTurns out the second dollar pays for the Power Play option which multiplies non jackpot prizes by a multiplier randomly determined at the time of the draw, a number between two and five. On our draw the multiplier was x5, inflating our win from $3 to $15.

Carolyn bought us nine tickets, one ticket for each of the nine of us visiting at that time. Divide our $15 win by nine and you have about $1.66 a pop. About enough to split three fruit smoothies at the Dancing Avocado Kitchen three ways each.

Now if Carolyn remains in the holiday spirit she won’t be asking for her $18 stake back (9 x $2) else, technically, she’s $3 down and might split the loss nine ways and want 33c from each of us!

*Wouldn’t that have been nice at $146 million?

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