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I loaded up my iPhone with the free Urbanspoon application some months back and since then I’ve discovered several good restaurants where I live, work and play. It uses the phone’s GPS to be location aware. The key is to find like minded foodie friends so I’m inviting you to follow me on Urbanspoon by linking here. An account is free if you haven’t signed up yet — and there is no kickback or financial incentive for me to promote Urbanspoon to you.

I’d be happy to vote up your reviews on restaurants that you help me “discover”, please return the favour. I sense this is an important social tool for eating out and I’m headlong into supporting it, even though they announced selling to IAC today. I’m inspired that the entrepreneurs bootstrapped this internet venture without external funding.

Suggested links: Test drive the Urbanspoon widget to get a sense of how the iPhone app works | iPhone Urbanspoon app | Urbanspoon | New York Times’ article Where to Eat? Ask Your iPhone | IAC Announces the Acquisition of Urbanspoon

urbanspoonprime3Update: 30th April, 2009. I earned my prime/gold spoon today on Urbanspoon!

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