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A walk through Caumsett on Lloyds Neck, Long Island yielded two caches, three benchmarks and several samples of moss and lichen — not to mention an enjoyable walk on a brisk but sunny day.

GC1B07D Sticks and Stones (above)
Benchmarks KU2688 and KU2689 and KU2674 (below)

Found further North on the path past the “Sticks and Stones” cache, these tightly grouped benchmarks: The roof cones of each of these twin water tank towers (KU2688 and KU2689) and another set in a concrete monument, just a few inches above ground, looking like a rock in the foreground (KU2674). So many benchmarks in one place — out in the relative wilderness of fair sized national park!

GC1MH32 Terry’s View (above)

I had visions of rabid squirrels as I reached down into a hole to retrieve this cache. From my height I could not look directly down into the hollowed out trunk. Little did I know how well founded those fears were until after I removed the cache and photographed the hide (below): Nibbled nut shells lined the bottom, evidence of wild animals with sharp teeth indeed!

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