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Found GCM325 “almost conneticut” (sic) up a hill and then, on my way to GC1M7KY “Eikosi” I slipped down a ravine and injured my leg. Hopefully just a sprain. I hobbled back to the the entrance on a makeshift crutch while my wife went ahead to find a park ranger — who came to fetch me in a snow plow truck.

The ankle is painfully swollen and I’m walking with difficulty. If it is not much improved by the morning I’ll probably need to go for x-rays.

The “Eikosa” cache is, as you might recall from an earlier blog post, required me to assemble an icosahedron to get the latitude and longitude of where this cache was hidden. I was waiting on the snow to melt before heading out to find it. Today was to be that day, but snow melt made for treacherous conditions.

If I had switched to the terrain option you see above I would have seen the steep drop off — and perhaps approached the cache from another side.

Caption: The contents and log book for GCM325 …

UPDATE: 3/8/2010 Cracked and sprained is the diagnosis on my ankle after x-rays and a doctor’s visit. Ice, bandages and rest for 72 hours and then a strap on split for a couple of weeks.

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