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Hailey Treanor, Joe and Candi’s youngest, standing by her mother, reads a poem she wrote for the unveiling of her father’s headstone on the afternoon of Saturday 19th June, 2010. Joe passed away last August 17th, 2009. Happy Father’s Day for tomorrow Joe — we’ll be remembering you at breakfast with the family.

To Me

To me you are like Santa Claus.
Living forever in a little kids heart,
And that little kid is me,

To me you are like Superman.
Flying high and being a hero,
With one biggest fan,
And that fan is me.

To me you are like a class clown,
Fooling around and being funny,
With your faithful companion by your side,
And that companion is me.

To me you are the first star I see in the night,
Giving me that felling of love,
Because I know it’s you.

I never thought I would see you go,
When I was still a child,
But when I thought back,
And realized that…

To me you are not gone you are everything around me,
The sunshine the sweet smell of pine, and every time,
To me you are everything perfect has to ask for,

Although I said to me more than 5 times,
I hope you already know,
This poem is to you.
I love you and I miss you dad,
And that’s from me to you.

By Hailey Treanor

Links: A Good Man Gone: Joe Treanor passed away this morning

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