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Bo brought a tear to my eye with this sentimental card …

Then we went to breakfast at The Cheesecake Factory with the Treanors (Candi, Lainie and Hailey) and the Longs (Stephen, Helen, Elaine and Adam). The Longs were brave enough to join us geocaching Caumsett Park, specifically to find the elusive cache I was looking for when I fractured my ankle. It was hot and humid and our GPSs were all over the place but the clue was good and Bo, an ace geocacher, found it!

Bo and the Longs went on to find other caches and benchmarks on the way back, six in all: GC1M7KY Eikosa, GC16BBY Fall Day at Caumsett, GC1B07D Sticks and Stones, KU2688 Water Tank A, KU2689 Water Tank B and KU2674 Set in concrete

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