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We traveled back to New York earlier today — from dropping our freshman daughter, Bo-Ashely, off at the University at Buffalo. On the long way back we pulled in to use the loo at a McDonalds in the little town of Cortland, NY — and then promptly left without my wife’s purse, a pink leather backpack. In it was, according to Carolyn, “her life”. In effect a wallet, a bunch of credit cards and her iPhone. We hit the road again and about forty minutes into it she got to wondering where her bag was.

Long story short. We pulled over, checked the car thoroughly and then, using my iPhone’s Find my iPhone app I located Carolyn’s iPhone still at the McDonalds in Cortland. It hadn’t been removed, yet. A phone call to it went unanswered as was a message with an alarm sent from the Find my iPhone app — so I locked up the iPhone remotely and turned the car around. Using my iPhone Carolyn Googled the restaurant’s number and spoke with Jody, the manager. Carolyn’s bag had been turned in by a good samaritan — nothing was missing, but an hour-and-a-half out of our lives.

Find my iPhone accuracy isn’t exact — the iPhone was, fortunately, not in the river but in a back office to the far left of the building.

Lessons learned: You should lock the iPhone first and then send a message using Find my iPhone . When done the other way around the finder would have to unlock the phone before the message will display. So lock the phone and then display the message.

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