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Caption: In a story on bed bugs on CBS News Sunday Morning one of the subjects can be seen crawling around the camera’s lens — upper right.

At first I thought it was an added graphic — just for effect. But it isn’t and wasn’t used anywhere else in the extended segment. The legs of this bug are actually “walking” whereas the animated bugs used at the end of the story are clumsy and not overlaid on actual footage.

Just to be sure I’ve written to Charles Osgood for his input …

Charles Osgood

CBS News Sunday Morning
Sun Sept 12th, 2010

Dear Charles,

In your “The Bed Bug Blues” story (about 15 minutes in from the top of the hour): Is that a real bed bug crawling around the upper right corner of the camera’s lens?

Harry Brindley

Link: CBS News Sunday Morning story Bed Bug Blues 4min 56sec into the segment.

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