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Here’s my productivity tip of the day: sends nicely formatted follow up emails on request, as follows: Include FollowUpThen among your email recipients as follows — where the time interval is nhours, ndays, nweeks etc., n being a whole number, such as 2hours, 3days, 4 weeks etc.

The reminder function changes depending on where you include the instruction amongst your email’s recipients (to, cc and bcc), as follows:

A reminder to yourself, no other recipients (can be a forward to) …
   To:, the reminder comes back to sender.

If the reminder is going To: other recipients, then choose between …
   CC:, the reminder goes to everyone.
   BCC:, the reminder comes back only to sender.

It’s free. No registration required. Works inside your email — not by using their website. Privacy exposure? Well, they do get to see your and your recipient’s email addresses and the content of your email — so this isn’t something you’d probably want to trust with private and confidential emails and email addresses.

From their website, tips on how to specify the …

Time Interval:

Day of Week:

Common Scheduling Terms:

Specific Date:

Specific Time

Specific Date and Time:

Recurring Reminders:

If you’re having trouble, email them at

Links: FollowUpThen

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