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Feeling left out by the women’s “I like [it]” campaign in support of breast cancer? Where [it] is their [purse] and takes the form of status updates “I like it in the kitchen”, “I like it on the table” etc. The one I most enjoyed was “I like it wherever I can find it”.

Males are supposedly left out in the dark by this viral campaign in support of breast cancer. This inside joke must tickle something pink in women, but I can’t understand how it benefits the cause by keeping half the population in the dark.

Did it keep us [men] guessing? Some, perhaps, not many is my guess. I think these folk over estimate the male curiosity about female jokes. Unless the campaign piqued the curiosity of more woman than the men it lost then the money/effort probably wasn’t well spent. While innuendo does get the male pulse racing, I’m not sure it outweighs the potential to tarnish the message amongst conservatives — men and women alike.

But there’s always the warm fuzzies you want to put out to the faithful — and this campaign probably did a good job amongst women, giving them an advantage over men. A previous breast cancer awareness campaign had women posting just the name of a colour — supposedly the colour of their bra. Once again, supposedly only women knew what it meant.

So let it be known: October is Breast Cancer Awareness month. A worthy cause to support, even though their marketing isn’t as inclusive as it should be.

Women need read no further: Men are wired to be horny or hungry — and having no purse to worry about — let’s go for sensory overload in our replies to this affront at being left out of the joke with “I like it with [food]” — where [food] is your choice of fodder.

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