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Is some rogue Facebook app posting unwanted status messages to your wall, to your friends’ walls, or commenting on photographs or other posts — typically with a viral link to bad app (which wants to get at your friends’ private information and the right to post in their name)?

How can you revoke the rights unwanted apps have over your account?

Try this link to get to your Privacy Settings or from your profile page/Timeline, click through this path …

  • Click on the downward facing triangle in the upper right, next to the Home tab.
  • Select “Privacy Settings”.
      From your “Privacy Settings” page …

  • “Edit settings” under Apps and websites.
  • Then “Edit settings” or “Remove unwanted or spammy apps” under Apps you use. If you need to shut down all apps in a hurry simply choose “Turn off all apps” instead.
  • Click the X against an app to remove. Done.

As a rule you should always deny apps getting at your personal data and never allow them to post statuses/comments on you behalf. Please take full responsibility for the bad links which rogue apps trap your friends into taking — you’re put your own reputation and credibility online!

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