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Some rogue Facebook pages you “like” may end up spreading spam messages to your friends via your Facebook news feed — feigning your endorsement. You can easily be tricked into liking a page by getting sucked into some incredible offer, story, video etc. that you have to click through to reveal — you just got suckered, they call it “likejacking”. Typically the message comes with a viral link to a bad app — which wants to get at your private information and then post spam to your friends, abusing your credibility, and then similarly trick them into liking the page so that all of their friends get the viral message. Ouch!

How can you “unlike” a page?

Two steps …

1. Remove the message that entrapped you from your own feed …

Hover over the “x” to the right of the offending post — “Remove and unlike” if the option is available to you, else “Mark it as Spam” so Facebook gets input from many users to recognise this as a dangerous message which they need to filter out of people’s feed.

2. “Unlike” the rogue Page …

  • “Profile” (upper right tab)
  • “Info” (from left nav)
  • “Activities and interests”
  • “Other” (the pages you liked are listed here)
  • Click through to the offending page(s) you want to unlike
  • Scroll down the Page to the bottom (of the left nav bar) and — hidden in plain sight — you’ll finally find the “unlike” button. Click it. Done.

Suggested links: Facebook: How to remove unwanted spammy apps …

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