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New York’s little Stonehenge is to be found just south of the Lemon Creek Pier in Mount Loretto State Park on Staten Island. The GPS location is 40.506552,-74.213588. I’ll be adding this to the list of day trips we’ll do this Spring, hence this post being still under construction.

Still to research: for a local brunch and for some local caches to find. Unfortunately the old orphanage on this property burnt to the ground in 2000, so there is no urban exploring to do — that I’m aware of yet.

Update 11/23/2011: NYT’s City Room reports that Doug Schwartz has been prohibited from stacking more rocks in Andy’s Newman’s post A Cease-and-Desist for a Sculptor on the Shore.

Brunch: When I think of Staten Island I think of the movie Working Girl, so I’m inclined towards an American Diner for this occasion …


Geocaching: Caches listed within a mile of the co-ordinates …

  • Folded Sand & Missing Time by Magicsteve (GCPBAM)
  • The Mount I by Brian,Lauren&Mom (GCQE4X)
  • Up Lemon Creek Without a Paddle by Brian,Lauren&Mom (GCGZX1)
  • Lemon Creek’s secret spot by s.i.geocachers (GC2E9MR)


Urban Exploring: Research to come.

Suggested links: This post mentioned in NYT’s City Room A Cease-and-Desist for a Sculptor on the Shore by Andy Newman | Staten Island Rock Sculptures at Thirteen | Mount Loretto Beach Rock Garden on Atlas Obscura | Stone art installation near Lemon Creek pier washed away by storm on SI Live | Mt. Loretto’s Rock Sculptures on Forgotten NY


  1. Nearly all of these sculptures were destroyed by the storm surge of Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene. I frequent this area of the island and it was astonishing and eerie to see them entirely gone. One, that was something of a bench is still partially standing.

    • Oh no, that’s most unfortunate Stephen. Thank’s for letting me know.

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