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I’m an AT&T subscriber, but that hardly makes me biased in their favour. Welcome to the iPhone Verizon, I think the competition will be good for keeping AT&T on their toes. I considered switching but there’s a killer problem with Verizon’s service which AT&T isn’t playing up very well to their advantage — so I’ll say it here.

First let me say what I like most about Verizon’s service: A wireless hot spot feature allows you to tether your laptop/iPad or whatever, via WiFi, to your Verizon iPhone data plan. At AT&T tethering is extra.

However — and here it comes — with Verizon you can’t make a phone call while you’re on data. Doesn’t seem like such a big problem at first, you can go offline to make your calls, right? Sure. But invert that situation. While you’re on data, nobody can reach you by phone — the call will go to voicemail.

Why would any corporation that hands out phones to employees encourage this? They wouldn’t, or shouldn’t. They expect their employees to answer when called, else why give them a company cell phone?

My iPhone and my AT&T service are my own. I’m on data much of my commute to and from work, but I still want to be able to answer the phone when somebody important calls. I’m stuck with AT&T.

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