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Caption: Anton Hammerl, then and now …

I so admired Anton’s photography back in The Star* days I asked him how he did it. His answer stuck with me to this day. If you take enough pictures you’re bound to get one or two that are good. In fact, if I remember his words exactly, he told me “if you throw enough shit up against the wall …

some of it will stick”.

He said that he shot up twice as much film as did his colleagues. Modest, I’m sure, but also a truth. I get pretty good amateur shots using this advice — so much easier and cheaper now that we live in a digital world.

I’m sorry to hear that Anton has been captured in Libya and hoping he’ll soon be released.

UPDATE Thursday 5/19/2011: Reports are in that Anton is dead — killed by Gaddafi loyalists.

Suggested links: The Atlantic’s South African Journalist Anton Hammerl Killed in Libya | The Star’s report Anton Hammerl is dead – family | See some of Anton’s work at here | Facebook page Free photographer Anton Hammerl | Anton’s lecture to LeedsTrinity for Journalism Week | iAfrica’s SA photographer located | IOL’s Ex Star photographer to be released | SANEF’s Calls to Free Photographer, Anton Hammerl, and Other Journalists | Safrea calls on SA govt to obtain release of Anton Hammerl by Libyan authorities | The Daily Maverick reports Relief as Libyans admit holding Hammerl | Mail & Guardin’s report Hammerl alive, foreign sources confirm

*The Star is a Johannesburg morning broadsheet newspaper.

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