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Viral piracy has pre-orders of Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortés‘ book Go the F**k to Sleep at first place on Amazon’s Bestsellers in Book.

Preview book here
Pre-order book here

Based on pre-orders of a book to be released only on June 14, 2011. Why? A pirate .PDF download of the book was widely distributed by email. Like most, I received several copies from various sources. I read a few pages and skipped to the end. It was barely funny, hardly poetic, adequately illustrated and badly laid out. Not to mention also crude, repetitively so. But it seems to have taken hold on sufficient people to want to order their own printed copy of the original.

I guess it’ll make an amusing adult gift to newbie parents — offering some wry sympathy as they struggle to put their children down to sleep at night.

Gadzooks man, the new world and its new economy is damn hard to fathom at times!

UPDATE 6/15/2011: Download Samuel L. Jackson’s reading of the audiobook free from!

Suggested links: Preview the book Go the Fuck to Sleep at | Amazon’s Bestsellers in Book (the book position on this list will change over time) | The Bay Citizens Go the F— to Sleep’: The Case of the Viral PDF | Pre-order the book at Amazon Go the F**k to Sleep | CNN’s Bedtime story: Go the bleep to sleep


  1. You didn’t find it painfully funny? Then you’ve GOT to hear it read by Samuel L. Jackson. Search for it on YouTube.

    • @Bryan I got the freebie audiobook narrated by Samuel L. Jackson from — and yes, the way he reads it, it was worth listening to = )

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