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Who would write such a “paper”?

Adam Ruben in Experimental Error: Fetus Don’t Fail Me Now!

Development and Production of Human Embryo with Cute Little Face
Ruben MK. Ruben AJ — Yes, I’m the second author

Abstract Fun occurred. Gametes joined. Embryo grew; shirts stopped fitting; grandparents got excited. Overpopulation exacerbated. An unknown volume of Aww Yeah was combined with an indeterminate mass of Damn Right (data not shown). The mixture was allowed to incubate at 37˚C for ~9 months, at which point 3.2 kg of biological material was obtained for use in further studies. The incubator converted immediately to a dairy.

Results Baby.

Conclusion Childbith is fairly easy for men.

Discussion Seriously, will you look at her little face? Isn’t it the cutest baby ever? Hang on I’ve got some more pictures of her on my phone. Look! She’s yawning! And in this one her eyes are open! And she’s wearing a hat! Wait, don’t walk away, you have to see this next batch(see Figures l to 182 and supplemental material online).

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