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Monthly Archives: July 2011

clotted cream 00a cover

Clotted cream is the ideal accompaniment to freshly baked scones at teatime. Fresh¬†made clotted¬†cream is way better than store bought bottles — the cream tastes fresh and has textured, crusty caramel bits. Bonus: You’ll be left with a jug of thin cream to make your tea with. Making it is simpler than you think: A single ingredient, a pint of heavy cream, baked … Read More »

“Are you listening, Steve Jobs?” asks BirdAbroad, blogging about several fake Apple Stores operating in China! Really?

Are you listening, Steve Jobs? The Western news media is replete with pithy descriptions of the rapid changes taking place in China: China has the world's fastest growing economy. China is undergoing remarkable and rapid change. This represents a unique moment for a society changing as quickly as China. You probably read such things in the paper every day – but if you have never been to China, I'm not sure you know quite what this means on a mundane level. As I've mentioned el … Read More

via BirdAbroad

Help me find the ten most unfortunate interviews by adding your nominees to the comments below …

#1 Make me one with everything: What on earth was this Australian interviewer thinking when bouncing this lame gag off the Dalai Lama?

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