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clotted cream 00a cover

Clotted cream is the ideal accompaniment to freshly baked scones at teatime. Fresh made clotted cream is way better than store bought bottles — the cream tastes fresh and has textured, crusty caramel bits. Bonus: You’ll be left with a jug of thin cream to make your tea with. Making it is simpler than you think: A single ingredient, a pint of heavy cream, baked …

Clotted cream is less like cream and more like a a rich, soft, sweet butter — ideal for your cream tea with scones. So here’s how to make it …

1 pint of fresh heavy cream*
Pour into a flat, shallow dish to a depth of no more than 1″
Bake overnight in a 180˚F/82˚C oven†
Cool, refrigerate, scrape off the clotted cream, jug the leftover cream. Done!

A thick yellowish skin will have formed on the cream — this is your yield of clotted cream. Nothing is wasted, the remaining cream is to be used to cream you tea — or, even better, your coffee!

1.  Bake overnight in a 180˚F oven …

clotted cream 01 oven

2. Cool to room temperature out of the oven and then overnight in the fridge.
    A night in the fridge will increase the yield of clotted cream.
    Well worth the wait …

clotted cream 02 cooling

3. Divide and scrape off the top layer of clotted cream into pots …

clotted cream 03 scrape off the top

4. Pour the remaining cream into a jug and use it in your tea (or coffee) …

clotted cream 04 bottled

5. Bake scones, make tea‡!

Question is, do you lay the clotted cream down first and put a dollop of preserve onto, or do you spread on the preserve first and dollop on the clotted cream afterwards?

Most Americans equate clotted cream with sweetened whipped cream — is is not! The caramelization of clotted cream does indeed sweeten the lactose, but with a deliciously natural caramel flavor plus color and texture.

I’m a fan of Alton Brown but the lad has no clue when he recommends people can make clotted cream by filtering it out like this — totally missing the point of caramelizing cream into clots. I’m tempted to make the obvious insult and call him a clot, but I won’t — excepting I just did!


*Warning: You’ll likely only be able to buy pasteurized cream in the USA, which works — but ultra pasteurized cream will not!
†Traditionally clotted cream was made by leaving a pot of near boiling cream overnight on the dying embers of a wood or coal stove. Unless you’re a Hillbilly I do not recommend making a wood fire in your oven to produce it in the more traditional way!
‡An elegant tea with scones is called an Afternoon or Cream Tea. A High Tea is actually a blue collar affair without scones served at the dining room table — the higher table, versus the lower “coffee” table in your lounge/drawing room — and typically includes hot savory servings of pasties, sausages and maybe sandwiches with tea, an evening meal that working class people and school kids some home to.


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