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Hurricane Irene blew down a tree, which snapped some electrical wires and crushed a neighbour’s boat. The tree blocked our court and live wires dangled overhead, on the boat and coiled up into the neighbour’s yard. Some people on the court cut a path through the fallen tree, but the wires still hung dangerously low in the branches.

Firemen stopped by on Sunday, the same day the tree blew down, determined the wires were live, and said they could not cut away branches until LIPA shut the power off.

For more than three days bare wires lay exposed and the fallen tree blocked off the cul-de-sac. All calls to LIPA basically ignored — until the postman almost electrocuted himself today. Live wires were then properly taped off by police and later removed by the power company. Then the tree was cut away. All within three hours, from when the mailman was almost fried by hot wires — to the cleanup crew leaving.

The stop motion video of the final three hours (7min) …

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