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By all accounts, from googling the experiences of others, issues from clock time to full memory can trigger the iPhone and iPad App Store “Error 1004 please try again later”.

I was simply trying to update my installed apps. The problem hit me simultaneously on iPhone and iPad — which is a hint that the problem is server side.

No amount of waiting to try again later made a difference. Not resetting the time. Nor restarting my iPhone/iPad. Nor rebooting my iPhone/iPad. Nor deleting a couple of videos to recover memory (even though I wasn’t short on available RAM to start with). Nor even switching between 3G and WiFi, thereby excluding router issues.

For me the solution was different and simple.

I needed to sign out of my iTunes/App Store account and back in again …


1. Click on your Apple ID
2. Sign Out

1. Sign in
2. Use Existing Apple ID

1. Enter your iTunes email (username) and password
2. Click Ok

Restore your settings — or make new choices.


  1. Thanks for your directions. I was able to do this by making sure that my automatic downloads was on, on my app section. I didnt even have to log out. Not sure thAt this will work for all but it worked for me. I must also mention that I previously downloaded an app on my iPhone and then when trying to download it on my iPad I would get the error from the app store 1004. After turning on the automatic sync on my iPad and then trying to redownload the app from the store it worked. Thanks

    • Thanks for adding your experience Mateo. I had not seen your solution — of ensuring that automatic app downloads was enabled — amongst the many I googled. Just goes to show how wide the Error 1004 net is cast — which is to say, not very helpful.

      Looking back on my screen shots, I did have automatic app downloads enabled on my iPhone when the problem hit me. I can’t remember how I had it set for my iPad. Perhaps somebody can try switching that attribute off and on again to see if it clears the Error 1004 — without having to logoff and then logon to their iTunes/App Store account again.

      It would be neat if we could nail this for others who get frustrated by it …

  2. thanks a lot, it did work for me as well….I had to just log out and log in back and the problem got solved. thanks again!!!

  3. Thank you so much for this. Having trawled the web for answers and found some very complex solutions, this simple little trick worked like a dream! Perfect. Many thanks.

  4. still not working uggghhh :(:(:(

  5. Error 1004 solution

    you just have to change the timezone and try to download again in appstore then problem solve..if you want to change timezone to your original timezone, you may. the only important is that if you receive error 1004 you just change timezone.

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