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In urgent need of caffeine and the loo, on the way back from our foodie road trip to Vermont, we turned into Springfield, MA — following a Panera Bread sign off the highway. Couldn’t find the Panera, there being no more signage. Grrr!

Stopped in at McD’s in some desperation to use the facilities before doubling back. We were surprised to discover that McCafé options include Newman’s Own Organic Coffee. Really? Bought a couple on ice, mine black and sweet; wife’s no sugar with lots of cream. Pretty good coffee if your taste buds eschew the over-roasted charcoal blends made famous by Starbucks. Sat down to imbibe the coffee and the ambiance. Just kidding about the ambiance.

Tore the Monopoly game piece off my cup and won a $5 Walmart gift certificate. Yes, Walmart, but hey, for McD’s that makes perfect sense, right?

I have to admit that I was considerably more amused at the time, when I thought the prize read $55. It does not. It’s just $5$. Who does that, put another dollar sign after the number? Grrr!

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