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So here’s a reality check. When you write for yourself, few people read your posts. When you write in terms of other people interests you score a ton of hits. Makes sense, right? When you write mostly for your own circle of family, friends and colleagues you’re not aiming for the hits. So why do I get miffed when a post about something incidental gets fifty thousand hits, compared with a heartfelt note about something I really care about barely scoring twenty?

I shouldn’t be looking at the stats, of course. Like a seasoned politician who denies the polls have any influence over him, I too am seduced by the numbers. Each of these stories got from twenty-odd thousand through fifty thousand hits …

How to recover an iTunes playlist!
The Amaryllis Experiment: Part I
iOS 4 Upgrade Hangs on Backing Up iPhone
Symbolism in “The Ninth Gate”

Last year I averaged two thousand hits a month, this year I get over five. Divide that by a hundred and an estimated 20 to 50 people are well served each month by the stuff I write. At least one person every day.

I can feel good about that. Rant over!

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