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Steve Jobs
February 24, 1955 – October 5, 2011

Our paths crossed a few times, I wish there would have been more.

I met Steve once, in person, on stage at Seybold in 1989. I spoke on Third World Applications of DTP and how the liberal press was leading the assault on apartheid. I asked him to reconsider Apple’s withdrawal from South Africa. He said he would, but they didn’t.

Steve had an executive assistant phone me after I complained to him about having to abandon an irreparable MacBook at AppleCare with an intermittent display problem — which folks on the net said Apple wasn’t owning up to. Steve shipped me a brand new laptop, a newer model than the one I had.

We spoke a couple of times by phone around the release of OS X (before Quark converted XPress) wherein he told me “people say Apple is like a ship that leaks from the top”, dropping a broad hint on timing our purchase of cinema displays which saved us thousands of dollars. To solve the problem of XPress not running under OS X he decoded their announcement for us, which left wiggle room for ordering new towers with legacy OS 9 installed. Quark’s Fred Ebrahimi hurriedly converted XPress to Mac OS X — especially after a New York crowd turned hostile on him for turning his back on Mac users. Fred shouted at us complainers “Do you work for Apple?” to which somebody retorted “No! Do you work for Microsoft?”.

Most recently I received a cryptic one-liner from Steve to a reasoned email on the demise of the Xserve. He answered “nobody was buying them”.

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