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We’re fast approaching the very last Kodak Moment. The stock price is set to fall below $1 and the company is running out of operating cash fast.

Most recent stock price here

Most recent trading day charted here …

Five years charted here …

Suggested reading: AP’s Kodak shuffles restructuring advisers in WSJ | LA Times’ Kodak’s long fade to black | NYT’s Kodak Stock Dives After Credit Line Is Tapped | WSJ’s Kodak Seeking $500 Million in New Financing | Pocket Lint’s The decline and fall of Kodak

Oops, did I do this — just one day after saying it was set to fall below $1?

Reminder/Note to self about how to source and display Yahoo! stock charts …

Replace EK (Eastman Kodak) in the listed URLs with the required stock symbol and wrap an image source tag around it e.g. <img src=""> to display the image.

URL’s to small charts …

1 day:
5 days:
1 year:

URL’s to bigger charts …

1 day:
5 days:
3 months:
6 months:
1 year:
2 years:
5 years:

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