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Michael Plumadore has reportedly confessed to the heinous murder and dismemberment of nine year old Aliahna Lemmon. This is such a sad story it makes one sick to the stomach.

Did a “bored” and “aroused” man commit this crime?

Caption: Plumadore’s MySpace page where his status is “bored” and his mood is “aroused” …

Plumadore has 603 Facebook friends as of today. Browsing through his friends it’s hard to tell how many are real or fantasy exchanges. The man seemed obsessed with fake Facebook profiles, and with young women — more than 90% of his friends being female by a rough count, a good many of those with provocative profile picture poses.

Social experiment question: How quickly will your Facebook friends desert you if you murder a child?

Disappointing answer: Not fast enough it would seem …

Now that Plumadore’s name is all over the press I’m curious as to how quickly his real friends will unfriend him — to remove their names from the public Facebook page of a disgraced, murderous acquaintance. The number had dropped to 601 in the time it took me to write this paragraph.

From another screen shot posted by Angry White Boy, Plumadore may still have had 628 friends yesterday. That’s a loss of 4.3% of Plumadore’s friends on day one.

UPDATE Dec 28th, 2011: Plumadore’s Facebook page has been deleted as of today, although his inactive MySpace page is still up. Late last night he was down to 557 Facebook friends. So, to summarise with what little stats I have …
     628 friends on Dec 26th, the day of his confession
     603 friends around midday on Dec 27th, the day the story hit hard
     557 friends before midnight on Dec 27th

… a loss of 71 friends, only 11% disavowed Plumadore in about 24 hours.

Links Huffington Post’s Babysitter Michael Plumadore Allegedly Chopped Up Aliahna Lemmon With Hacksaw: Cops | Michael Plumadore’s Facebook page (recently deleted)

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