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Few of us realise that Facebook allows apps which our friends use to access our private information. You heard me right. Even if you don’t subscribe to apps, your friends — who have access to your private information — can empower apps they subscribe to to see your info. There appears to be no way your friends can limit how much their apps see about you, but there are privacy options in your own settings which claims to control how friends hand off your info to the apps they subscribe to.

From your own page, drop down to your Privacy Settings.

Next to Apps and websites click on Edit Settings.

Next to How people bring your info to apps they use click Edit Settings.

Uncheck all the attributes under How people bring your info to apps they use.
Click Save Changes.

Now you’re likely as safe as you can be with personal information in Facebook. Short of not putting much in there, which I strongly advise. Don’t rest easy now, as soon as Facebook makes privacy changes you’ll likely be opted in to things you’d prefer to stay out of. Did I mention how important it is not to put more personal information into Facebook than you care to expose in a Google search on your name?

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