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Now that you’ve signed up for 5Gb of free cloud storage from Google Drive, adding that to the several gigabytes of DropBox storage you’ve managed to accumulate, on top of what you might have from Mobile Me (going away soon), SugaSync, SkyDrive, Box, Amazon S3 et al.: How are you going to manage all of these itty bitty storage spaces? Possibly through one storage portal called Otixo?

Here’s the rub. You only get 250Mb of free bandwidth usage per month, defined as “the amount of network traffic or data that you use while interacting with your files and folders”. No, I’m not suggesting it should be free, but the only other option is unlimited bandwidth at $9.99 per month (pretty much $120 per year) for aggregating your cloud storage accounts — without providing you any actual storage at all!? Seems steep to me.

Wouldn’t you be better off buying a whole lot of storage from one provider, like S3 from Amazon Web Services? Yes, to a point, but the ability to share files with other people is so much easier with Google Drive, DropBox, SugaSync, SkyDrive and even Mobile Me (as long as it lasts). Unless you know something useful about S3 that I don’t. So comment and tell me how you do it …

P.S. I haven’t delved into Otixo’s privacy policy and whether they encrypt data, so look into that before you decide to give it a spin. As to Otixo’s reliability, hopefully you won’t be seeing the maintenance page up too often!

Links: Otixo

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