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If you’re suddenly getting more FB messages than usual, you’ve likely fallen victim to Facebook’s recent shenanigans to stop displaying your real email address of choice and have replaced it, instead, with their own address for you — which delivers to Facebook messages, not your regular email. They have forced this on us, rather than inviting us to opt in. Why? Likely to draw down traffic from gmail and other competing services. Read on to learn how you can set things right …

While many are addicted to the service, users almost universally hate Facebook for stunts like this! They don’t seem to understand how their own reputation reflects on their advertisers. It is, therefore, no wonder that Facebook can only scrape together crappy low-rent, pennysaver type advertisers which our content has to share the screen with. Ugh!

  • Switch to your Timeline
  • Click on “About”
  • Edit your “Contact Info”
  • Toggle the circular no-show icon against you regular email address to again “Show on Timeline”
  • Toggle the circular icon against your address to “Hide from Timeline”
  • Scroll down and Save these changes.


What happens when your email address makes it into spam listservers? Junk email will go into your FB messages where you have no spam filters, right?

Suggested links: CNN’s Facebook is trying to hijack your email address | Gervase Markham’s Facebook MITMed My Email | Lifehacker’s Facebook Changed Everyone’s Email to; Here’s How to Fix Yours

Answers the question: Why did Facebook replace my regular email address with their own address?

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