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Monthly Archives: July 2012

South Africans living away from home crave traditional foods that are difficult to buy abroad. For me, one of those is rusks, the traditional double baked bread that other cultures know as biscotti. The African version is typically rough, robust and less sweet — and always dunked in tea or coffee. A rusk with your morning coffee is how you start a good day in Africa!

While my preference is for a wholewheat aniseed rusk, today I baked buttermilk muesli rusks instead. They’re easy to make … Read More »

Cody Brocious, a hacker, announced at Black Hat a simple DIY Arduino solution to gain instant, untraceable access to millions of Onity HT card-key protected hotel and college dorm rooms. Zero authentication required, even master card-keys for anonymous entry can be retrieved from the hack. Read More »

When an author used cover art that the good folk at Jack Daniel thought diluted their brand, what did they do? Like any other lawyer would, they wrote out a cease-and-desist demand. But unlike any other such order I’ve ever read, this one is remarkably respectful, compassionate and offers the author compensation to effect the requested changes … really! Read More »

“A cross-disciplinary team of US neuroscientists and cryptographers have developed a password/passkey system that removes the weakest link in any security system: the human user. It’s ingenious: The system still requires that you enter a password, but at no point do you actually remember the password, meaning it can’t be written down and it can’t be obtained via coercion or torture” writes Sebastian Anthony in this Extreme Tech article Unbreakable crypto: Store a 30-character password in your brain’s subconscious memory, worth of a read. Something akin to playing Guitar Hero they say! Read More »

Finally, something more of interest to men on Pinterest:
Microsoft Morgue vs Google Graveyard