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When an author used cover art that the good folk at Jack Daniel thought diluted their brand, what did they do? Like any other lawyer would, they wrote out a cease-and-desist demand. But unlike any other such order I’ve ever read, this one is remarkably respectful, compassionate and offers the author compensation to effect the requested changes … really!

Author Patrick Wensink of Broken Piano for President writes “If it wasn’t signed by some lawyer, I’d imagine ol’ Gentleman Jack penning it himself, twirling his bushy mustache” and that they “will not be taking them up on their offer. We’re proudly independent and don’t need any of that sweet corporate booze money to redo the cover.”

Ask nicely and you’ll likely not be refused, eh?

Mashable’s Jack Daniel’s Sends the Most Polite Cease-and-Desist Letter Ever | Broken Piano for President: The Whiskey Rebellion and an enlarged scan of the letter here

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