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You lose Google’s maps when upgrading from iOS 5 to iOS 6, or when buying the new iPhone 5. Some say that Apple’s map solution is immature and ask “How can I restore Google maps to my iPhone?”

Here’s how: As a web app! Follow these simple instructions …

On your iPhone …

  • Enable location services so your current location shows up as the familiar blue dot on the map.
  • In Safari, navigate to Follow the on screen instructions (or selected Add to Home Screen from the more actions menu bottom centre of Safari’s menu bar) to turn the site into a web app.
  • Move the web app into a folder (optional).

You now have a web app on one of your home screens which, when tapped, will launch you directly into Google maps — with many of its features, including transit information. Enjoy!



Links: Tim Cook’s open and apologetic letter on iOS 6 Maps | Apple Insider’s article Google’s “iLost” Motorola ad faked an address to “lose” iOS 6 Maps

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