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Invasion of privacy or not, I wasn’t enchanted to see a Places map turn up on my Facebook Timeline recently.

How to get rid of it? Some say that you can simply remove it from your timeline by following these steps: Click at 1 to get a second row of favourite objects that can appear on your timeline, then click on the pencil to edit the frame which holds Maps and then finally, select Remove from Favorites.

This didn’t work from me! Here’s what gave me the best results and, no, I didn’t get rid of the map entirely — yet.

Find the Places map on your Timeline. Select Show All in the upper right of the map to expand it. Now you can zoom around the map and click on the pins.

I had to click on each pin on the map which surfaced an album, a photo, a video or a post that had a Place name in its description and then edit out all the Place names, one by one, before those pins disappeared from my the Places map in my Timeline. You might to choose to delete whole albums rather than edit out place names in many photographs. Ugh!

That’s not the worst of it. You can only edit Place names out of your own assets, not those of friends who have tagged you in their photos, videos and posts. You’ll either (a) have to ask your friends to edit out the place name in pictures they tagged you in — and realize that it’ll be easier for them to just unfriend you, or (b) you can untag yourself from their photos and videos so they’ll no longer show up in images of yourself, thereby disassociating yourself from pictures that you may preferred remain linked to

It doesn’t end there. You can hide updates from your timeline if they have place names in them but you cannot untag yourself from your friends’ check-ins! Finally you have to deal with the check-ins. In my Places map shown above, those last remaining pins are checkins my friends included me in. Here’s how I finally got rid of them …

If you know of an easier way to do this, please comment below. Thanks!

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One Comment

  1. They (FB) have removed the hidden pencil/hide from my timeline button on (the large right-column)
    Friends, Photos, Likes AND Maps. Either I’m a prime suspect (haha) or else FB is being used to check up on us all.
    I suspect the latter. Like G Orwell’s 1984 – but 16 years later in “reality”.
    And to think – we have actually chosen to be part of this by signing up for FB – probably for “marketing reasons”!

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