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sous vide water bath prototypeI’m trying to cook the perfect steak, evenly pink throughout with a thin brown crust — and almost no grey in between. I think the way to get there is via sous vide: To poach a steak medium rare and then to sear on a tasty crust using a propane torch.

My experiments in sous vide starts with a prototype hot water bath in the workshop. I replaced a non-working thermostat in this piece of old lab equipment with the temperature controller for a tropical aquarium. More on the build in a later post, when I’ve worked out all the kinks and housed all the pieces safely.


Sous vide soft boiled egg: The yolk is a perfect custard. I would like the albumin to be more like the consistency of tofu throughout, but this is pretty good. I can see it working especially well for Eggs Benedict.

Method: From the fridge, boil the egg for 3 minutes and then finish in a bath of hot water at 66˚C for 75 minutes.

Way too much trouble for a rather good boiled egg, but hopefully a stepping stone towards that perfect steak.

Links Khymos’s Perfect egg yolks (part 2) | BBQ with a Propane Torch: The Perfect Steak?

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