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trendnet insecure webcams

Caption: In spite of the 2007 date on this shot, this camera appears to be live and working now, I’ve watched it change from an adult woman at the table with both kids (doing homework?), to this one of the boy alone at the table. Creeped out that they’re exposed to the world without knowing it!

This website links you to installations of insecure TrendNet(tm) brand webcams. Scary exposure right down to their geographic locations! The supposed purpose is to give those folks a wakeup call and a link to the firmware upgrade that will fix the inadvertent exposure.

UPDATE Wed 1/23/2013: The link to the map no longer works because “Google has disabled use of the Maps API for this application. See the Terms of Service for more information” — probably just as well, some links were just too damn personal. Tonight I watched a restless child asleep in it’s cot in Syracuse, NY and a well lit but empty workshop in Scranton, PA.

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