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ryan ferguson 2What if there is no matching physical evidence, no weapon, no connection, no motive, no DNA and the two original eyewitness testimonies, on which the conviction hinged, were recanted — claiming they were made under police and prosecutorial duress?

Should Ryan Ferguson get a new trial?

Ryan convicted at 19 is now serving a 40 year sentence for murder. His principal accuser now says it was all a lie and explains why in an on camera CBS interview. Should a convicted man get a new trial in these circumstances? An appeal was recently denied by Judge Green. Was it because prosecutor Kevin Crane became a Boone County judge, taking over the seat vacated by Ryan’s trial judge, Ellen Roper. Should the bench have erred on Ryan’s side to avoid the perception of being biased in favour of a new colleague whose past actions are now under scrutiny? Ryan’s case has now been taken up by Kathleen Zellner, a respected lawyer who focuses on appealing wrongful convictions.

  • Watch Erin Moriarty’s report in CBS 48 Hours: The Accuser
  • Review the facts of this case at Ryan’s website
  • Do you think Ryan should get a new trial? If so …
    Sign the petition to Please Grant Ryan Ferguson a New Trial or Freedom! to Missouri Governor Jay Nixon and Missouri Attorney General Chris Koster

    Visit the help page at Ryan website — where you can also donate to Support Free Ryan Ferguson through PayPal, as much as you can afford, but every $5 helps, so don’t be shy to throw in your pocket change to this worthy cause.

If you want justice for the murdered man, Kent Heitholt, the one time sports editor for the Columbia Daily Tribune, then take action now. Let’s find out who really killed him and bring justice to his memory.

Links Free Ryan Ferguson | CBS 48 Hours: Ryan Ferguson’s Fight For Freedom

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