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lekker and liqour summer shrimp and corn saladWho knew that a Summer Shrimp & Corn Salad, sans any red meat, could impress us “boneheaded meat lovers”?

Well, I should have!

My goddaughter is a good writer, knows her food and is très amusing in how she expresses herself in her recipes.

I recommended WordPress to her but she went with Google’s Blogger instead, so I was amused to read a recent recipe start out with “Dear God, Blogger was giving me such shit last night. I meant to write this yesterday evening whilst I was leisurely enjoying a glass of good-for-me red wine (to celebrate some good news I received about my health, lulz) but no, Google was not having it. Damn you Google and your salad sabotaging ways!”

P.S. It must be the optional extra bacon which makes us bonehead meat lovers interested. Our intrepid foodie writes “I don’t give a flying fart in space if you want to use 8 slices of bacon instead of 6”. Right you are, I’ll definitely have 8 … or more. Good read, even if you don’t cook. Enjoy!

Photo credit: SouthAfricanBokkie


  1. GMO pesticide laden corn be bad for you.

    • I think many would agree with that, so be sure to buy organic! = )

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