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yoghurt 4 with fruitPerfect steaks and juicy ribs are my favourite outcomes dabbling in sous vide. Shrimp, fish, chicken, turkey and eggs are not much improved by my palette when cooked this way. So what to try next? Yoghurt!

I’m lactose intolerant so a well cultured yoghurt will digest most of the lactose and leave me with something I can dollop onto my All Bran Flakes or a fruit salad for breakfast in the morning.

Using the same starter, organic milk, culturing temperature and times yields surprisingly different results, from a pouring yoghurt to a thick cream cheese.

RECIPE: Yoghurt en sous vide …

2L (or a 1/2 gallon) of fresh Organic Milk (not UHT pasteurized)
100ml (about 1/2 cup) of starter* yoghurt

Very slowly raise temperature of milk …
70°C for a pouring yoghurt
80°C for a very thick, cream cheese consistency (after draining off the whey)
… hold at this temperature for 30 minutes.
Allow temperature to reduce to 40°C.
Stir in a 100ml (or a 1/2 cup) of yoghurt starter†
Culture in a sous vide hot water bath at 40°C for 8 hours or more

Are the curds setting like a jelly and separated from the whey? If so you might want to strain this batch through a cheese cloth and enjoy a cream cheese yogurt — the yield is about 750g. Otherwise stir it up and you’ll have 2L of pouring yoghurt.

My preference is for a yoghurt with the consistency of cream cheese.

Keep refrigerated until used.

*To understand how heat affects the viscosity of the culture, read my other post Yoghurt: The temperature you heat milk to affects how thick it ends up …
†Hold over 100ml (about a 1/2 cup) of yoghurt in the fridge from a previous batch or start afresh with a good live culture Greek yoghurt.
yoghurt 1 culturingyoghurt 2 separatingyoghurt 3 curdsyoghurt 4 with fruit


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