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KPPC Harry in the staircase of Building #92

What to do on the weekend? When you’ve done everything else it’s time for urban exploring. On Saturday we decided to explore the ruins of the Kings Park Psychiatric Center in Smithtown. You’d think this could be trespassing but signs to keep people out may have been vandalised along with the buildings. We enter where many have gone before …

On this visit we explored five building and entered three for a closer look, documented in the photos below. Know what you’re getting into, plan ahead and take some precautions …

  • Research & Maps (know what you’re getting into)
  • Cameras, fully charged and clean out the memory cards (the whole purpose is to document)
  • Flashlights (some passages and tunnels may be dark)
  • Masks (old buildings may have asbestos dust, lead paint, mold and a dank stench)
  • Gloves, Wipes & Water (keep hands clean for camera work)
  • Baggies, Booties & Poncho (some floors may be wet, some ceilings drip water)
  • Cell phones (stay in touch, somebody outside must know where you are)
  • Shower, wash clothes, clean off equipment afterwards (removes dirt, dust, mold and any contaminants)

Links Kings Park Psychiatric Center map, history, photographs | Kings Park documentary movie | Long Island Asylums Revealed: Kings Park Psychiatric Center: Kings Park Psychiatric Center Blueprints

Here’s what we discovered …

KPPC accomplices Grace & Bo

KPPC basement of building #93

KPPC biking around the workshops

KPPC Bo looking for an opening

KPPC Bo out back of the kitchen at 93

KPPC furniture and graffiti

KPPC Grace in confinement room

KPPC Gracie in the power house

KPPC Gracie serving at the bar

KPPC Graffiti %22kill sum1%22

KPPC Harry behind broken glass

KPPC lawnmower blades

KPPC manhole #2JPG

KPPC the power house control room

KPPC the power house control room


KPPC %22take a seat%22

KPPC Bo exploring the power house

KPPC Bo finds an open gate

KPPC Bo on the walkie talkie

KPPC Bo walks down the cold staircase

KPPC Crap in the drawers

KPPC dorm

KPPC Gracie and %22voldemort%22

KPPC Gracie and the %22time portal%22

KPPC Gracie madwoman in passage pose

KPPC Harry & Bo at the warehouse

KPPC Harry & Gracie

KPPC Harry and Grace in selfie

KPPC Hell no says Gracie

KPPC Paint peeling like lichen

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