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diversity - ukranian easter

Being active in the diversity and inclusion movement within the newspaper I work for, we’re out doing the essential research for hosting a Ukrainian Easter event. The Cultural Festivals team and our cafeteria’s Executive Chef head on down to the East Village of New York to visit a butchery, a restaurant, a museum and a Ukrainian Orthodox Cathedral.

Caption: The team and our hosts at the Ukrainian Museum in New York City … 

The folks at the East Village Meat Market on 2nd Avenue between 8th and 9th Streets opened with a tour of where they make and smoke their sausages — and then had us sample them with bread and relish. An order of sausages was placed for our colleagues to enjoy at lunch when we celebrate Ukrainian Easter next week.

Opposite the butchery is the Ukrainian restaurant Veselka where we sat down to borscht and a range of pierogi followed by a walk around the crowded downstairs kitchen where ladies were hand making the pierogi and other regional delights.

Thereafter we took a tour of the Ukrainian Museum’s art as well as their stocks of Pysanky, linens and baskets that would guide us on how to assemble our own Easter lunch display. Pysnaky are the insanely detailed Easter eggs created with wax pens and dyes in a method similar to batik. We’re inviting an expert to demonstrate the technique live at lunch.

Final stops on the way home were to be a Cathedral and a gift shop but both were closed after 5pm.

ukrainian easter - map

Caption: Walking tour of “Little Ukraine” in the East Village of New York …

ukrainian easter - research

Caption: Things we had to eat and do along the way to enlightenment. Yum!


Suggested links:  East Village Meat MarketVeselka | Ukrainian Museum in New York City

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