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While I continue my passion project of writing a fictional novel — being under no illusion of it’s profit potential — and because I am best at publishing well researched facts, I am today kicking off a new work of non-fiction. For profit.

Exploiting the nascent trend in folks traveling and living in vans, I can see a couple of potentially profitable opportunities to write about: The setup and lifestyle; provisions and cooking; finding potable water; ablutions; camping and boondocking; first aid and maintenance; domicile and vehicle registration; mail and deliveries on the go; and travel planning, destinations and quests etc.

To that end, I have today concluded the purchase of a van to begin researching my book. A year or two from now, I expect that my personal experiences will have yielded something of value worth writing about …

To follow my #vanlife research in pictures, go here.

Me and my 2017 Diesel 4×4 Sprinter Van …


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